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False Colors

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Dead Low

In a remote fishing village hard work and danger have gone hand in hand for generations. Every man is responsible for his own survival and one false step can lead to ruin. Family, honor and corruption collide in this powerful, suspense filled thriller as one man finds that on the water sometimes the truth lies beneath the surface.

Vertical Drift

In this sequel to the political thriller False Colors, Ted Keller returns as a man whose eyes have been forced open to the government corruption which has driven him into hiding. Having lost so much, he must become a version of himself he never imagined in order to fight not only for his freedom but for his country’s as well.

The Great Divide: Living With Cancer In The 21st Century

This timely documentary examines the state of an epidemic of enormous proportions. Cancer rates in the U.S. and around the World are spiraling out of control as people are being diagnosed with the disease in greater numbers and younger than ever before. At the same time a medical revolution is taking place in what some doctors are calling “the most exciting moment” in their careers. New and innovative treatments are being tested and introduced at an accelerated rate, showing promise and giving many who are fighting cancer a vision for a path forward.


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